Hagerty Referral Website

Project Type: professional
Technologies Used: GatsbyJS ReactJS Cypress ExpressJS OMNI Tealium

What is it?

Hagerty is a company that specializes in the automotive industry. It is the largest provider of insurance for classic vehicles and offers a variety of related services and products. These include insurance, valuation tools, lifestyle content, and events. Hagerty’s focus is on classic cars and the preservation of automotive heritage.


In this case, I was tasked with building their referral website. This website is used to refer new customers to Hagerty. I built the site using GatsbyJS and OMNI for user/referral management, and it is also connected to Tealium for analytics. Cypress was used to write the end-to-end tests to ensure that the form for adding referrals consistently functioned as expected.

View the Website for more information.