JSConf China

Project Type: professional
Technologies Used: GatsbyJS CSS CSS Animations

What is it?

JSConf China was a two-day conference for JavaScript developers to share and learn about the latest tools and techniques. Speakers from tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Netflix, Tencent, and Microsoft shared insights on coding, frameworks and development strategies. The conference was non-profit and catered to both senior and junior engineers, as well as managers and CTOs. It offered a unique opportunity for JavaScript developers in China to connect and share their knowledge and experience.


One of my earlier projects at Wiredcraft was the development of the 2019 version of the website. I was the key reviewer on this project, working alongside a developer trainee. This provided a unique opportunity for me to not only apply my skills and knowledge in front end development, but also to help guide and mentor the trainee through the development process.