Marco Polo - Escrow

Project Type: personal
Technologies Used: ReactJS Next JS TailwindCSS Phantom Wallet Metaplex Candy Machine Anchor Solana Typescript

What is it?

Marco Polo started as a decentralized NFT escrow service built on Solana. It was a platform for creators to swap their NFTs in a secure environment and allowed users to discover and showcase the NFTs in their wallet.


In my role as the team lead, I had the privilege of leading a highly skilled team of five engineers in the development of a suite of applications, including the escrow platform and its complementary NFT collection. Our journey began with establishing the project’s vision, followed by collaborative architecture design sessions to determine the optimal approach and technologies to employ. Alongside my leadership responsibilities, I assumed the role of front-end developer, working closely with the Marco Polo designer to craft a user interface that is both visually appealing and intuitive. Using NextJS, Tailwind CSS, and SPL, we successfully built a secure and user-friendly environment for NFT swapping, delivering exceptional end results.

Here are some example screenshots of the project: